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LET652 | Participants will learn basic self defense tactics for all levels of resistance that can be used if attacked in the line of duty. Officers will be able to return to their agency and train personnel in these defensive tactics.This course meets Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) requirements for TEEX Defensive Tactics Course #78035.

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The Instructor Schools. The Academy is fortunate to have Instructor-Trainers within the Agency to provide Instructor training in the areas of American Safety & Health Institute CPR/AED/First Aid, PPCT Use of Force, PPCT Spontaneous Knife Defense, PPCT Ground Avoidance/Ground Escape and Firearms.

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CA 121 Continuing Armed Training : Use of Force/PPCT : 6 : DTF Security Training, LLC : Richard Lesniewski, 952-452-2807 : CA 169 Continuing Armed Training : Defensive Shooting : 8 : Elite Protective Training Services : Kevin Eckhoff, 320-354-4196 : CA 019 Continuing Armed Training : PR-24 Baton : 6 : EPS Tactical Training Group : Kevin Eckhoff ...

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Welcome to the Defense Technology® Training Academy! Our team of highly experienced instructors, most of whom are current or former law enforcement, bring real-world experience and expertise to every Defense Technology training course. Thousands of law enforcement, military and security personnel have elevated their skills and knowledge in ...

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Your training philosophy is the most applicable of all other baton training systems." - Palm Beach Co. Sheriff, FL "Your baton and training system is far superior than any impact weapons course I've been to. Now I know why so many agencies are switching to your system". - Training Officer, Denver PD

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Defensive Tactics: Handcuff & Baton (PPCT) The Defensive Tactics course from Human Factors Research Group (HFRG) (formerly known as Pressure Point Control Tactics, or PPCT) is required by most employers before staff is permitted to handle handcuffs, and teaches the mechanics of arrest and control. It is a requirement from the Alberta Solicitor ...

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ASP Instructor Certification Seminars are conducted without charge to the participants, agencies or Distributors. You will need to provide your own duty equipment (16, 21 or 26 ASP Baton, ASP SideBreak Scabbard). Feel free to call Armament Systems for a listing of ASP Distributors in your area who stock ASP products. I

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To achieve this purpose, Association of Training Officers of Minnesota may conduct the following activities: Promote the development and exchange of training methodologies materials and u0003 resources with and for members and others interested in peace officer training and u0003 education. Enhance, support and cooperate with existing ...

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The Defensive Tactics Threat Pattern Recognition (also known as Pressure Point Control Tactics, or PPCT) course from Human Factor Science teaches the physical mechanics of the use of force and arrest and control. It is required by …

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The foundation of the PPCT training systems is based upon a series of training principles. This unit examines the PPCT Force Continuum, principles of control, survival reaction time and tactical positioning. Tactical Handcuffing: Tactical speed handcuffing provides immediate subject control and reduces risk to the officer.

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PPCT Ground Avoidance & Ground Escape (GAGE) PPCT Pressure Point Control; PPCT Collapsible Baton & Straight Baton; PPCT Side Handle Baton (SHB) PPCT Weapon Retention & Disarming; PPCT is widely considered the nations leading non-lethal control system. PPCT system was developed from extensive tactical, legal, and medical research.


ASP Tactical Baton 2009 Armament Systems & Procedures PPCT Defensive Tactics 1996 PPCT Management Systems Training Aids: Training Firearm, Collapsible Baton, Handcuffs, Strike pads, Wrestling mat, and Duty Rig Coordinating Personnel: Recommended 12:1 student to Instructor ratio Prepared by: Tony Madlock 01/06/20

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In 1993, Steve Risner attended a PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructor Course in Baton Rouge, LA at the Louisiana State Police Academy. It was then that Steve started their career in teaching the Use of Force skills to law enforcement & correctional officers.

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Both Sergeants are certified Instructors in Pressure Point Control Tactics (PPCT), ASP Baton and Handcuffing and also have training in Krav Maga. The deputies received training on how to control subjects by applying as little as 2 pounds of finger touch pressure to selected pressure points on the head and neck.

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East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office Training Center 2829 Lt. Benjamin Davis, Jr. Drive Baton Rouge, LA 70807. CONTACT: Johnny Lee Smith. PRICE: $600.00/officer for Full Certification $400.00/officer for Re-certification INSTRUCTOR: Johnny Lee Smith Class begins at 8:00 AM each day! REGISTER HERE! TO PAY WITH CREDIT CARD CLICK HERE!

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Tip of Spear is Alberta's premiere training center for security, personal safety and self-defence. Grow your security career with Alberta Basic Security Training (ABST) & exam, handcuff & baton training (PPCT). Plus IKMF Krav Maga self-defence, …

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Baton and Unarmed Defense Techniques 1 UN Peacekeeping PDT Standards for Formed Police Units 1st edition 2015 Baton and Unarmed Defense Techniques UN Peacekeeping PDT Standards for Formed Police Units, 1st edition 2015 Slide 1 Training sequence The material in this module is designed to be delivered over fifteen 40 minute

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The PPCT Defensive Tactics Instructor course is the first subject control system developed through tactical, legal, and medical research. Tactically, the system addresses the most common types of resistance that law enforcement personnel encounter, ensuring that participants learn job-related techniques pertaining to self-defense.

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*FORMERLY KNOWN AS* Pressure Point Control Tactics- Defensive Tactics (PPCT-DT) Security and Personal Safety Training Provider. Defensive Tactics is a 40 hour course designed for officer safety and successful apprehension of a suspect. This course was developed for the law enforcement community, and is a hands on, situation based training program.

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Major of Training 2829 Lt. Gen Benjamin Davis Jr. Ave. Baton Rouge, LA 70807 Phone: 225-389-5005 Major Carl Dabadie serves as the Major of Training. A second generation police officer who grew up in Baker La. Father served 28 years with the Baton Rouge Police Department before being killed in the line of duty from a motorcycle accident in 1984.

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Globetact Defensive Training Systems offers certification training in basic Handcuffing ppct expandable baton. Seasonality core 2 6 x 8 . Handcuffing Techniques Step#1 Handcuffs should be "loaded" in the cuff case with both keyholes facing out and the movable part of the handcuff facing toward the violator.


Upon completion, student will be certified to teach PPCT Human Factors, Threat Pattern Recognition, Handcuffing (standing, kneeling, weak side and prone), pressure points, joint lock control, defensive counter-strikes, shoulder pin restraint system, collapsible baton, and weapon retention and disarming.

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The physical Control Tactics program are a compilation of techniques and skills learned and optimized in 30+ years of martial arts training and employment in law enforcement and as a Alberta Justice instructor. These techniques were learned from …