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Security Pro USA Military Bulletproof Tactical Ballistic Helmet PASGT Level IIIA. Brand New. $229.99. List price: Previous Price. $469.00 51% off. Buy It Now. Free shipping. 64+ watchers.

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The head protection area (medium size) is 1,129 cm2, and the helmet is resistant to fragmentation impact at a speed of 663 m/s (V50 fragment performance). Our ballistic helmet, being composed of pure UHMWPE fiber, is the most cost-effective ballistic material with excellent bulletproof performance and strictly controlled quality.

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The N49 ULW Level IIIA Hi-Cut Fast Ballistic Helmet provides ballistic protection at the weight and comfort of a bump helmet. The advanced design has boltless retention, available in the dial, or x-back as well as no thru-bolt rails which provide consistent ballistic protection from the shell.

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CPP-1 E+ pad system. Edge protection. EPDM rubber edge. Harness. CRS-2 System. Size. Unisize 52 - 63 cm / 6 1⁄2 to 8 in. Certification. VPAM- HVN 2009, Level 3 3.1 TR Gesamtsystem „Ballistischer Helm" Date Mai 2010 NIJ-STD-0106.01 IIIA, NIJ-STD-0108.01 (Chesapeake) STANAG 2920, 1,1g Splitter: V50= 630 m/s - 2066 fps Shock absorbing ...


•Provides additional ballistic and blunt impact protection. • Ultra-low BFD upon impact allows for a low profile and a close fit. • Design offers a wide field of vision without compromising protective coverage. • Attaches securely to the four retention system bolts on the helmet shell. This offers enhanced stability, and at the same time does not require, or take up any space on, the ...

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Completar Body Armour from MKU offers complete 360o protection to the upper tporso of the soldier. Completar Body Armour additionally protects neck and groin regions from handgun ammunition. Ergonomically designed personal armour is extremely light to wear and adjusts comfortably on soldiers body.

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ULBRICHTS achieves the breakthrough, opening up a new era in ballistic protective helmets with real protection against long guns: ULBRICHTS Protection presents ist new RIFLE helmet family. The new VPAM 6 rifle helmet protects 'stand alone' on the surface without additional protective shields (FORTIS) against dangerous threats (7.62×39 MSC).

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The ballistic helmet is suitable for any organization that might need impact protection and will benefit from ballistic protection as well. For example, not just SWAT teams, but riot control forces and even patrol officers who might respond to active shooters should have the security of a ballistic helmet.

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How Effective Is The Ballistic Helmet?

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Largest effective protected area . Due to their inherent stability, ULBRICHTS Titanium helmets offer effective ballistic protection over the entire surface of the helmet down to 10 mm (projectile diameter) from the helmet's edge. This is an achievement which no other helmet on the market can match, since conventional Aramide/Kevlar products can only offer protection down to 40 …



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Assault rifles. LMT R-20 Rahe. United States. Assault rifle. 5.56×45mm NATO. 7.62×51mm NATO. All units will be equipped with the new standard issue rifle by 2022. The EDF uses three variants of the rifle: R-20 S with a 12" 5.56 mm barrel, R-20 with a 14.4" 5.56 mm barrel, and R-20 L with a 16" 7.62 mm barrel.

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Ballistic protective equipment demand in law enforcement industry was valued at USD 1,258.5 million in 2015 and is anticipated to emerge as the fastest growing end-use segment, which can be attributed to the increasing adoption of efficient bulletproof equipment such as shields, body armor, and helmets to counter the civil unrest and riots.

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Ballistic helmets. ELMON also offers lightweight, high performance ballistic helmets of the highest quality. The helmets provide high ballistic performance with low weight through a unique manufacturing process using high-tenacity ballistic fiber, bound in a thermoplastic resin matrix.

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The helmet provides end users with 9mm FMJ RN and .44 Magnum JSP threats in addition to fragmentation protection. The helmet allows for the integration of accessories including an NVG shrouds and rail system. With the addition of a rail system the helmet allows the integration of both impact and ballistic visor systems.

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Tactical Helmet Transparent Mask. $169.90 $199.99. Details. PRODUCT DESCRIPTION. The L110 Combat IV ballistic helmet from FAST series at ACH weight offers rifle bullet protection from 7.62 x 51 mm M80 NATO Ball round, V0 at 2200 fps. To add to its high ballistic protection, it provides a V50 for 17-grain FSP ≥ 3281 ft/sec (1000 m/sec).

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The protection of a ballistic helmet is given based on two factors: the back face deformation of the helmet and the penetration depth. Back face deformation is a measure of protection that is conducted on a clay made head. The ballistic helmet is secured onto this clay head, which then moulds to take the shape of the helmet.

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Ballistic glass for clear vision and un-interrupted field sight. Padded rubber grips on handle for comfortable handling and usage. Ambidextrous handle with nylon neck and shoulder strap. Abrasion resistant Neoprene rubber edges. Made from non-toxic, fire & UV resistant materials. Appropriate gun-port can be cut as per requirement.

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The NcSTAR Level IIIA Ballistic Helmet with Carry Case offers effective protection when needed the most. Features: Ballistic shell constructed of Kevlar. Rated at Level IIIA. Capable of stopping 9mm and .44 Magnum rounds up to 1,400 FPS. Four-point retention system and suspension system for added comfort and stability

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Ballistic Helmets. Camouflage Black L110 Level IV 7.62x51mm Rifle Protection Full-Cut Combat II Ballistic Helmet. Sale price. $199.99. Regular price. 50% OFF Save $96. High Cut Ach Level III Ballictic Helmets---Black. Sale price. $99.00.

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Products for ballistic protection can be grouped as flexible products like bomb blankets and bullet resistant vests, and rigid composite products like protective panels and military and police helmets. Over the years various models have been proposed that describe ballistic impact, 162 including models for ballistic or blast impact of UHMWPE based composites. 163–165 High …


THE AMERICAS HELMET CATALOG 1 888 286 6440 [email protected] 08 COLORS BLACK GREEN BROWN TAN 2020 1 C105HC COMBAT 1 High-Cut Ballistic Helmet The C105 High Cut Ballistic Helmet is a Level IIIA protection helmet that features our high-performance aramid and composite materials. …

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The main focus, however, is on the personal ballistic protection (PBP) based on textile components and their role in the protective elements. Soft …

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A-tacs FG, AOR1, AOR2. Manufacturer: FMA. Camouflage color selection Standard color selection: 16 colors.

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The helmets provide you with more protection than the normal NIJ standard 0106.01 because they are tested against a .44 Magnum and .357 Sig. They give you a V50 protection against fragments and shrapnel up to 700 m/s as the …

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To sum up, Ulbrichts proposes two main types of helmets. The first one is dedicated to ''first responders'' of police and other security forces being the first called to react in case of a violent attack; its standard resistance (VPAM-3 HVN 2009) against 9mm can be enhanced with a front shield added to the helmet which then offers true protection against …